Here is an SMS which was received today by Alfa mobile subscribers:

Good news! Following recent network outage, Alfa is glad to add extra 10% MB as a bonus to your current monthly data plan starting may 22nd, 2013.

Someone tell me where the good news is? Why would Alfa be glad because they are having a network outage? It seems Lebanese companies have no clue about customer service. This is not good news, it’s bad news, and Alfa is just compensating for it. Moreover, their compensation is a bad one as well. Allow me to explain:

Why would Alfa be glad about giving away 10% , and which customers would care? Obviously, higher end customers who have no problem paying more for a better quality service weren’t well served. Only customers who cannot afford to pay will be happy with this decision. Well, guess what? Customers who cannot afford to pay aren’t the people who will help grow Alfa, or any other company, to the next level.

As a business person, I would have been interested in knowing what was the cause of the outage, what was done in order to make sure it doesn’t happen again, and what they are doing about improving the quality of their service overall.

I just wish more companies in Lebanon understood the importance of customer service.