Some developers will blackmail you, simply because they have access to your systems, know exactly when you start making money, and want to take advantage of the situation. Suddenly, what used to take five hours to complete now takes several days, their hourly rate increases, and they start charging you for any slight changes they do. If that sounds familiar, we’re here to give you specific steps that will help you handle the situation once and for all.

1. Increase Your Trust in Your Current Developers

  • Show your developers you trust them. 
  • Give them whatever they ask for with an additional bonus for performance, even if they are doing a bad job. It’s important to do so because they have access to your servers and code, which gives them the power to ruin your business with one command. 
  • Don’t argue with them at this stage. Show them trust to get them to give you access to everything, including source scope, servers, domain names, and anything they control. 
  • If they question your request, tell them your company’s policy requires you to have access to everything, and not doing so will get you in trouble, hence preventing you from paying them.
  • If they still refuse, tell them you have to pause the project for a while until you get funding from another investor. They will definitely prefer giving you what you want instead of pausing the project.

2. Backup Everything

  • Backup everything as soon as you get access, including your source code and server configuration. 
  • Transfer your domain name and even your logos. 

If you are a non-technical person, here’s what you can do: 

  • Get a third-party developer to assess the whole situation.
  • Get another third-party developer to look at the first developer’s assessment and check whether it makes sense or not. 
  • Hire one of those two developers to execute the whole backup. 

At this point, even if your developers delete everything and bring your business down, you can get it back online. However, it will take a few weeks to do so, and your business is meanwhile on pause. 

    3. Migrate the Platform to a New Server

    • Start migrating the platform to a new server with a new development team without letting the old development team know this transfer is happening. 
    • Continue building with the old team, but with less features, maybe get them to work part time, but don’t pull the plug yet. 
    • End your contract with them on good terms as soon as your new system is online, ready and tested.
    • Don’t end it on bad terms because they might still have something to get back at you like a security issue with the code. 
    • Run a code audit on the new server to ensure the code is free of bugs.




    • Change your team whenever you notice that your developers reached their technical limits. You will know it’s time when the system starts facing multiple problems and your developers are not able to fix them once and for all.
    • Always assume your developers have bad intentions, because this happens a lot. 
    • Have a strict hiring process and only hire professionals.
    • Put developers to the test before handing them a big project.
    • Do not be fooled by cheap prices. If you have a big project with a lot of requirements, it will logically cost a lot to be properly built. A good website does not cost cheap. 
    • Do not hire a developer who can’t technically explain to you how they are going to build your project. A developer should be able to simplify things and write simple code. Anything complex is more likely to break later on. 

    If you feel stuck, get in touch with us. We always do a preliminary study for a minimal amount to figure out in detail the infrastructure and technology of your project by deeply investigating your business. 

    We are also planning an online course on how to hire developers and build technical teams. It’s going to be a step-by-step course that will make the delicate hiring process seem easy.  

    So, if you want to build a successful business without having to worry about development, get in touch! Visit our website  and we’re ready to support you!