As a business owner, you may have no trouble at all communicating with the employees inside your office. But, if you hire remote employees, things may become more difficult.

When you communicate by mail, chat, or phone, you miss out on one of the most important sides of face-to-face communication: the body language! This makes it hard for you to detect the attitude of your employees. You will not be able to look at their facial expressions to detect whether they are mad or frustrated. When outsourcing projects, always aim at the employee who is articulate enough to speak out his feelings and comments.

Choose someone who speaks, reads, and writes perfect English. Good language usage prevents misunderstandings.  If you speak a different language besides English, you may want to choose an employee who speaks that language. You will then use that language for communication.

Remote employees do not spend 8 hours a day in your company’s office. So checking on their work progress is not easy. Always keep communication lines open. Make sure your employees report to you every couple of days to discuss their progress on projects. Encourage them to ask questions and to talk about their concerns.

The key for successfully hiring remote employees is communication. Always choose someone who can communicate.