A lot of my colleagues have asked me about the importance of a company slogan. In this article, I will try to explain the following issues:

  • What is a company slogan
  • Impact of your company slogan on your branding efforts
  • How to create a good slogan
  • The difference between advertising slogans and business slogans

What is a Slogan?

Any form of business branding plan must involve the creation of a slogan. It is one of the basic elements necessary in building an effective brand campaign. A slogan typically consists of a short sentence or a phrase that serve to reinforce the business name or logo. In fact, many big time businesses has created highly successful marketing slogans that it has been recognized by the consumers as much as their name.

Slogan is often dismissed as an element for effective branding methods, which is also the reason why even a potentially good business name fails to deliver. Its purpose main purpose is mainly to enhance and boost the name or provide a tiny glimpse of what the brand promises to deliver. Even simple words or phrases can go a long way when it works well with your brand.