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General Settings

Setting LinkedIn API Keys

After installing the Ultimate LinkedIn Plugin, you will need to set your LinkedIn API Keys.

Go to Settings > Ultimate LinkedIn Integration > General tab

You will need to fill in these 2 fields: Your LinkedIn API Key and Your LinkedIn API Secret Key

These API Keys can be copied from your LinkedIn Developer tools under My Apps.

Note: If you have no LinkedIn API Key yet, please follow the instructions below on how to create an application in LinkedIn. Otherwise, proceed to the final step – Setting OAuth 2.0 Redirect URL.

Click Save Changes button once done. You can leave the other fields to its default settings.

How to create an application in LinkedIn

API keys are required to use the plugin. Here’s how you can create an application in LinkedIn Developer’s site:

Step 1

Go to LinkedIn Developer’s site here: https://www.linkedin.com/developer/apps

Step 2

Click the yellow button Create Application.

Step 3

Fill in all the required fields marked with red asterisk (*) as shown below. Make sure to upload a logo of the same size at least 80 x 80 pixels and not more than 5 mb. Tick the checkbox to agree to LinkedIn API Terms of Use and click Submit button.

Once done, you will be redirected to the application you just created where you see the API Keys (see screenshot under Setting LinkedIn API Keys).

Setting OAuth 2.0 Redirect URL

After setting the API Keys, the final step you have to do is to set the OAuth 2.0 Redirect URL. This field is just below the API Keys.

Set the URL to point to the wp-login.php page, e.g. yoursitename.com/wp-login.php (see screenshot below). Just click Add button after entering the redirect URL and click Update button once done, then you should be good to go!

Note: If you don’t set this field, you will get an “Invalid Redirect URL” error message.

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