It seems that everyone these days is going for the lowest priced freelancer. As a highly paid freelancer myself, sometimes I have a hard time explaining to clients why they shouldn’t go for the lowest price. I’m writing this blog post for myself firstly in order to refer clients to it. Here are top four ways expensive freelancers save you time and money.

  • Expensive freelancers are excellent communicators: High-end freelancers just get it. You dont’ need to explain things to them back and forth. One Skype call or a couple of emails will do it. Lowest-priced freelancers who cannot even understand proper English, and take their time to understand what you’re doing.
  • You’re working with a brain, not a pair of hands: More expensive freelancers are expensive for a reason, and that reason is their ability to deliver what is exactly needed. A high end freelancer will understand your business objectives, and work towards them. A low-level freelancer will function as a pair of hands, just implementing what you tell them to. No creativity, no out-of the box thinking. Mediocre execution at its best. 🙂
  • Great business  understanding: For freelancers to be able to charge a premium, they should already have an excellent business understanding, and be able to communicate with their clients on a technical and business level. Try telling your low-level freelancer that your website will act as a lead generation tool for your offline marketing efforts. Sit down before you do so, I don’t want to see you get hurt.
  • Deliver on time and budget: Yes, expensive freelancers deliver on time and on budget. They are expensive because they know that a project takes time and money to deliver. I take it a step further, by offering my clients a guarantee that they’ll get their project on time, or else they get it for free.

That’s my personal list. Are there any other things that can save a business owner time and money if they work with a more expensive freelancer? Please let me know in the comments section below.