Blogging has become an essential part of social media, and even more importantly, of communication. Once you’ve decided to work with a freelance WordPress developer to help you get the most for your site (and this essential! It’s your business or personal name that is being put out there, and deserves to be of the highest quality) you’ll want some pointers to help you work with your freelancer in a way that benefits you both.

First and foremost, before handing the requirements over to the freelancer, you need to consider what is required of you. This helps set out what exactly you need the end goal to be and helps you and the freelancer work toward realistic expectations.

Some of the things you can do include getting your content and brand (for example, your logos) together, having all the information on your CMS and domain available for your freelancer, and all your social media account information. Having these essentials ready for your freelance WordPress Developer will make all the difference, and kick-start the working relationship in a wonderful manner.

From here, you’ll need to run a few questions by the freelancer, so that you both understand what is required of him or her, and both know what the expected outcome of the job is.

The most important questions here would be laying out whether or not you want your theme customized or built by the developer. If you do want your theme built, know how your freelancer intends on doing so and what the resources required will be.

Desktop and Mobile features
Another important question is whether or not the WordPress site will be mobile friendly. This is especially vital if you are building your WordPress for your business, as this is the way most people access the internet these days. You definitely don’t want all your money put into building a site that is only great if accessed from a desktop but isolates all phone users from potentially accessing your site!

To move on to the technical side, you’ll most certainly need to assess the level of functionality you desire for the site and discuss with the developer what plugins will be installed or built. The good news here is that there is such a large database of plugins to use that your options really won’t be limited, so do not feel shy to discuss the features you need for your site with the developer.
Following these easy but very important steps are guaranteed to make sure you get the best out of working with your freelance WordPress developer, and helps assure you that your site will be as user friendly as possible.

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