I’ve been using Freemius for a bit less than a year now, and it has certainly helped my boost my consulting business considerably. Open source contribution is enough exposure by itself, but using Freemius is like adding fuel to the fire, as it helps me create a personalized interaction with each of my plugin users. They’re no longer numbers, they’re now real people whom I have a genuine connection with. In the video below, I describe how Freemius helped me generate warm leads for my WordPress LinkedIn Login plugin.

While the technique I mentioned in the above video has helped me generate warm leads for my business, using Freemius has helped me much more. Here’s how:

Better Business Positioning

With the insights I have gained from my interactions with plugin users, I know exactly what are the problems they face and the opportunities they want to grab. Based on that, I’m able to position my business better to serve them. How is this helpful? You tell me… If you owned a real estate business, would you pay more a WordPress developer, or a consultant who builds 50% or more revenue boosting websites for real estate businesses? 🙂

Reputation Among Ideal Clients

With my better positioning in place, when I talk to my clients, the ones who respond are typically those who fit my target market. With those people, I take the extra step to help them, and awe them with my responsiveness. This leaves them wondering what would happen with a paid project, having seen such an awesome level of support with a free plugin.

Painting my Personality

When I get to talk to my potential clients, they get to know me on a personal level. Using someone’s open source plugin is something, but talking to them and engaging them in a personal conversation is a totally different thing. Next time they need paid help, they’ll talk to me before anyone else, because this is much more natural to them instead of seeking a random stranger.

Still have any questions or have a personal experience with Freemius? Please tell me in the comments below.