Beat that Blog
If you were to do an internet search on blogs right this very minute, it may or may not surprise you that they come a dime a dozen. However, a few of them really pop out at you, and these are the websites that all have similar keys to their success: useful and unique content, a strong brand and good maintenance. Often times the people whose blogs are most viewed hire a WordPress developer to also put their blog a cut above the rest.

Here are some excellent pointers for getting your blog past the factory settings and into the mainstream.

Your content should be a mix of useful, fun, and interesting. Your content is your biggest branding tool so let it market your name. No matter what though, the content should always be of a quality standard – it is after all representing your personal name. If you can gather your content in such a way that you as a user (and not the blogger) would enjoy, then you may just be on the right track.

Too many blogs out there suffer from outdated themes and plugins, and issues like these can really frustrate you and lead your users to more efficiently run blogs. Maintaining your blog so that it stays relevant is absolutely imperative to keeping your existing users happy and bringing new users to your site. Also, always be sure that security falls under this maintenance. You never want your site to be compromised. If you hire a WordPress developer be mindful that maintenance and updates all fall within the scope of the project.

Perhaps this pointer may come as a surprise, but you would not believe how many users are drawn away from a site because it doesn’t look appealing to them. Users always prefer sites that are easy to navigate but also have a bit more than bare bones too offer when it comes to the look of the site.

Say what you need to say
At the end of the day you need only remember that this is your personal blog and so it should serve as your personal freedom. You obviously have something you want to (or need to!) share, and this is the platform that you have chosen to do that on. Make the best of it and stay true to yourself. Your creativity and uniqueness will be the best tool to leading users to your site.