PHP Power Tools

PHP itself is already a popular and powerful web development language, with which you can do so much. This is proven in the fact that it is even used by really large sites like WordPress and Facebook – and they make full use of PHP’s advantages. The great thing is that there are a range of tools for unlocking even more of what PHP can do for your site.

A Developer

When you hire a dedicated PHP developer you possess the most useful PHP tool around. The developer will have insight into the latest trends; can develop, build and customise your site; and add personal touches nobody else will have. They can offer limitless support and solutions in the event of any hiccups. Add to this a developers experience and know – how and you have a tool more able than any other you can download.

Image Manipulation Tools

These tools come in a wide variety of options, and so depending on the one you choose you can edit and even create bitmap images, use the data from your database and build graphs and charts to display it, and accomplish so much more in image manipulation and processing. A must have for most sites as users move away from wall of text and toward content that is more visual.

Browser Tools

These can do a lot more than you may initially imagine. Take for instance that using certain browser add – ons can help you easily navigate through PHP syntax references. That’s a total power – saving tool! They can also help you translate language files and search for official PHP documents using your browser. It’s impress stuff.

Security Tools

Optimize your site’s security with additional security tools. The smart tools featured can help you analyze your site’s weak spots, and respond to them accordingly. You can also review source codes to check their authenticity and analyze the vulnerability of that code too. The tools can even give you protection against frustrations like spam.  This ensures that your site is strengthened and you are constantly aware of any security hacks before they “hack” your site. From hiring dedicated php developers to browser add – ons and the ever important security features, there are many PHP tools that enhance a site for developers, web masters and users alike. Spend some time browsing through them and you are certainly guaranteed to find a tool that matches your exact needs. –    If you didn’t find the tool you were looking for, read our next article on PHP power tools here. Are you in search of a PHP developer? Well, that’s not an easy task, given that the web has been saturated by lots of outsource service providers. Finding the right web developer requires serious commitment to carry out a comprehensive research. Otherwise, you’d end up hiring a shoddy agency or team. And that’s something you wouldn’t like, would you? So what are some of the traits and qualities to check before hiring a dedicated PHP developer? Let’s walkthrough some of them.

What’s Their Portfolio Like?

The very first thing to take into consideration is the company’s portfolio. Nothing ever describes the quality of a PHP developer company than its past works. The company should have its past works accessible so that you get to have a clear picture of what they can do. You can also read client testimonials, ask for references from the clients, and even call to ask about the quality of work offered by the PHP developer.

How Many Years Of Experience Do They Have?

Before hiring a PHP developer, it’s highly advisable to check out how many years the firm has been in operation. And whether they’ve had enough clients over the years of operation. The more years they’ve been in business, the better. However, even though a PHP developing agency might be newly listed on Google, the guys working at the company might be well experienced. And might have combined years of experience as PHP experts. Maybe they were working at another firm, and so they’ve decided to start their own firm. Therefore, don’t just look at the “date established” and quickly conclude that they aren’t experienced enough. Instead, go to an extent of researching about the founding members/partners and find out how many years they’ve been PHP experts. Basically, more than five years of experience is good.

How Strategic Are They?

Well, this isn’t something you are gonna know by reading the “about us” but you are gonna have to ask them. Simply interview them, either by giving them a call or via email chats. You have to know what are the strategies put in place, and what they are gonna do about other aspects, such as SEO. You can only know this by asking. You’ll compare their answers against PHP app developers you are considering. And yes, it’s important to have different options at any given time.

Do They Fit Your Requirements?

What I mean by this is, that you gotta pick a dedicated PHP expert company that checks with what you want. For instance, if you are looking to come up with an ecommerce website, then it’s only right that you go with a PHP developer who’s more experienced when it comes to developing custom and ecommerce websites. That’s not all, you have other requirements, like what’s their TAT (turn-around-time)? How many people are gonna be working on the project? How many hours is gonna be dedicated on your project? Or do they have other clients? You need to know everything about all these questions. And you should have the answers before hiring any PHP developing agency.

What Are The Charges?

Finally, it’s time to get the elephant out of the room, and negotiate about the charges. Don’t go too cheap, neither should you go too high. But also remember that you always get what you pay for. Basically, the significant thing is to hire dedicated PHP developer company that’s gonna successfully complete the job. That’s why ThoughtEngineer usually makes sure that clients are fully satisfied and amazed by their PHP dexterities. We’ve always been reliable and dynamic PHP developers.

In Conclusion

The best thing about the ThoughtEngineer agency is the fact that it consists of a team of expert programmers who are very good at different PHP frameworks. Some of many PHP frameworks vary from CodeIgniter, Zend, Smarty, CakePHP, and several others. ThoughtEngineer also excels at other PHP-related expertise such as open-source integration using Joomla, OpenCart, Drupal, WordPress, Moodle LMS, osCommerce, and Magento.