Why PHP is Pro for Programmers

There are many languages for web development, yet of all of them one in particular stands out as being the most popular – and that is php. Recent statistical data shows that almost 78% of websites are php based, including large sites like WordPress and Facebook. Apart from its popularity, php is just so accessible: you can easily hire a php developer, join php communities, learn and understand the code and so many other advantages to it. Let’s take a closer look at these benefits php offers.

Resources and Community

Because of php’s popularity there is a wide database of information and resources readily available to access. You can find free eBooks for php coding at the drop of a hat, always have access to any kind of updates as they become available, hire a php developer which is reliable and experienced, and tap into so much more. To add on to this, there is a huge community of php developers online which means that if you have any questions or difficulties whatsoever there will almost certainly be someone with whom you can connect and discuss your code or website related projects. This is undoubtedly the greatest advantage to php, as you can never underestimate the incredible benefit of having online support available to you whenever you may need it.


Another plus side to php is that of the languages you could choose from for web development, php is probably the easiest to learn to use and to understand, especially for people with non – technical backgrounds. This could be because of all the resources available for learning, and because of the online community for assistance, but it is also just written in such a way that new users won’t feel intimidated by it. Simplicity is good.

No Delay in starting that website

All previous points lead to this last benefit of php – that your website can be developed relatively quickly. With a good developer in hand, the unlimited resources and ease of using php ensure that you won’t have an abundance of unnecessary delays stopping you from putting your website together within a really good time frame. Choosing your coding needs for your web development is an entirely personal choice that is up to you and is determined by preferences and needs, but hopefully you will keep these benefits to using php in mind when you decide what is right for you.