Facts to Finding the Perfect Programmer

When you are new to web development and need to get the ball on the roll fast, your safest and most reliable option is to hire a PHP programmer. Keep in mind that PHP is most likely the easiest web development language to learn, and by far one of the most accessible. But when time is not on your side, and you don’t have room for error, a qualified programmer is your greatest bet. Here is a checklist of the different aspects you should keep in mind when hiring.


One of the most frequently asked questions is without a doubt how much a website costs. Costs that are incurred include registering the domain name and the hosting of your site, the design and actual coding for your webpage, assisting with, and the testing of the site and launching. Additional costs include licensing, images from stock photos, plugins, upgrades and marketing. Depending on these different variables a site can be anywhere from $12 000 to $ 30 000 and upwards. Naturally the level of expertise you require from the programmer is also going to factor into your overall budget.


You need a contract in place when you hire a PHP programmer, as with any other hiring process. But what should be in the contract? Definitely the actual job requirements, the estimated budget, the expected deadline and all your other standard contract information. Here you can include whether the job will be once off or if you expect the programmer to do routine maintenance, upgrade and updates.

On-site… or Remote

Are you and the designer going to be working one on one at the same location, or are you comfortable having a remote programmer work on your webpage? There are many advantages and disadvantages to either, and so it depends entirely on what you are comfortable with. If the task requires a slightly bigger team then co-locations may be more ideal for you. But if you are comfortable with a remote programmer there are almost no noticeable disadvantages. Having a clear, concise idea of what you want to get out of your website, and communicating this to the programmer effectively, will make all the difference to the results you obtain.  At the end of the day, getting a freelance programmer is highly doable, and makes building your site that much easier. Most importantly, it helps you customize your website at terrific rates.