Referral business is a very important piece of my marketing efforts, and it should be part of yours too. Because it comes from a source which the client trusts, the trust with the prospect client is already established. Here are some guidelines for referral business.

  • Tell your clients that you will be asking for referral business before starting your project. This way, you will prepare them for when the time comes.
  • Do not ask in a way which will elicit a negative response. Give your client multiple options to choose from seroquel medication. For example, ask them if they wish to introduce you via a meeting, give you the permission to contact that prospect on their behalf, or just contact that person without mentioning their name.
  • Contact all your current and past clients at least three times per year to obtain referrals.
  • Keep in mind all the time that you’re not asking for a favor, you are doing a favor for people by providing them with great value and improving their condition.
  • With current clients, ask for referrals once you’re 70% done with your project, since it will be harder to get referrals once the project is completed. You will not have your client’s full focus when the project has ended.