If you have a new business project, then you are probably eager to get your team ready and start implementing it. What if we told you that you could hire a full development team including a project manager, a designer, 3 developers, 1 software tester and yourself, from scratch in less than 3 days? If you are not experienced, then you can do that in no more than two weeks, but we’re here to explain the exact steps you need to take to do it in just 3 days.

1. Define What You Need

  • Spend some time planning. 
  • Write down what you need in detail so that you know exactly what you are looking for when searching for the right people.  
  • The output would be a two-page document that includes a description of your project, its content, the programming language, etc.


    The more details you include, the better, even if you are not technical. Here is the importance of this document:

  • It will help your developers understand what you really want.  
  • You won’t be affected by your developers’ preferences. For example, if you decide on WordPress and they tell you they prefer Spotify, you can refuse and stick to your plan.


    This document should mainly include 3 headlines:

  • Your goals.
  • Your measurement of success.
  • The importance of this project.

    2. Identify the Skills You Need on Your Team

    We divided these skills into 4 areas:

    Project Manager:

    • A project manager makes sure your project sticks to the budget and deadlines. 
    • Find someone proficient, even though every project manager has their own management style.
    • Use a trusted hiring platform with reviews like UpWork, Code Mentor, or platforms that vet candidates like Arc.dev, TopTal, and Free Up.  
    • If you have some technical knowledge and think you have the skills to deal with people, monitor their work, follow up on process implementation, and lead the team, then you can manage the project yourself.

    Graphic Designer and UX Designer:

    Does your project need user interface or is it just a backend software? 

    • If you’re creating a Crawl webpage and store your data in the database, you don’t need a front-end designer. 
    • If you’re building an accounting software, then you want your design to be appealing and thus need a front-end developer. 

    You have two options here:

    • High end developer, a UI/UX designer

    We don’t advise you to hire a UI/UX designer from the start because they can get really expensive, starting 50 USD/hour. 

    Unless off course you have a valid reason, like if you are pitching for investors and are planning to get millions of dollars-worth of funding, then hire such a designer to execute the design for you. Another valid reason is if you are a veteran of your industry and know there is a long list of people who are ready to buy.

    • Graphic designer 

    You can hire a good graphic designer for 10 USD/hour from Eastern Europe, and we suggest you sketch your exact vision for them to execute. 


    • Tell your developers exactly what you need them to code. 
    • Give your designer some basic mockups for them to create so that your developers understand what you are trying to build, not just based on the document your provided them with. 
    • Hire a senior developer for 50 to 100 USD/hour for a couple of hours, to detail the technical requirements of the project. This includes programming language, servers, etc. Doing so, you get the opinion of a professional without hiring them full-time. 

    Software Tester:

    You need a software tester to do manual testing and automated testing. Manual testing is when you try to break the application, while automated testing is when you write code that regularly checks whether there are problems with the software every time a new release is issued. 

    • Don’t get into technical details. 
    • State you need someone to do manual and automated testing.
    • Ensure you reflect the energy you want to attract. 
    • Conduct the interviews and hire.


    3. Post Job Descriptions

    Write your job descriptions based on these technical requirements.  

    • Reflect the energy you want to attract through the job descriptions. You want candidates who are energetically aligned with you and who are equally excited about the job. 
    • Post the jobs. For faster results, you can create a featured job on Upwork, which costs 30 USD and gets you around 5 extra proposals of high-quality. 
    • Shortlist the applications based on candidates’ profiles. 

    . Conduct Interviews


    • Conduct video interviews. You have to understand how they communicate and interact, notice their body language, and make sure they are the ones who are actually going to do the work. 
    • Schedule back-to-back interviews. Remember you are hiring in 3 days. Therefore, do 3-4 interviews every 2 hours. If you are hiring 3 developers, interview 6 candidates, ideally 8.  
    • Trust and follow your intuition, regardless of perfect profiles. If something feels off, it probably is.

    • Create a Process to Manage Your Team

    If you are hiring for the first time, the idea of managing a group of people can be overwhelming. Therefore, we advise you to:

    • Set up Slack, create different channels, one for design, one for development, and one for testing. Then, add the relevant people to each of these channels.
    • Learn about Scrumb. Check the overview we have on our website www.staggeringroi.com about this on “our process” page.
    • Take a course on Udemy to learn everything about Scrumb, even if you end up not managing the project yourself, you will have to understand what your team is doing.   

    If you want to build a team and have the necessary funding, or if you have a great business opportunity you do not want to miss, get in touch with us. We will either build the project using our own team of experts if you want quick results, or we will help you build your own team. We are flexible and want to help you succeed. Therefore, we will assess what suits you best and proceed accordingly. 

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