It seems to me that everyone these days wants to jump and start a business, without even stopping and thinking why they are starting a business in the first place. The media has impacted us to the extent that we no longer know the difference between reality and chance. Everyone has a big plan to become the next Facebook or dethrone Google, and everyone feels they could have come up with the idea for WhatsApp itself. Well guess what people? I can give you 10 ideas right now for businesses which will make billions of dollars in the future. But is it really that easy to convert those into money?

It’s about planning and execution. Yes, anyone can have a good idea. I personally thought about a Linux phone back in 2003, where no one had even heard about Android yet. I imagine other people had the same idea, and tens have tried to execute it, and only one made money. So where does that lead us to?

Planning is crucial, and execution as well generic seroquel. If you start executing without an action plan, you’ll definitely fail. Even if you succeed, how do you know you couldn’t have been even more successful had you planned? A business plan helps you clarify your thoughts and have a sense of where you want your business to go. Execution requires a lot of commitment, patience and perseverance.

Throughout my consulting projects, where I help clients start and grow their businesses, I have learned that there are a lot of external factors one cannot control, which could affect your business outcome. However, there are a lot of issues within one’s control, and the only successful businesses are the ones who act and implement properly.