5 uses of LinkedIn APIs

The best thing about life nowadays is the fact that we get to socialize and network with people from all over the world. Thanks to the social media platform. Social networking has allowed people to connect with childhood and old friends by sharing information and staying in touch with family. Various social networking sites are focusing on elements to do with “connecting” with others. And LinkedIn isn’t an exception. When it comes to LinkedIn API, there are five available categories to which you can use them on your website, but based on the requirement you have. It’s also important to note that the LinkedIn API is supported by JavaScript. Okay, let’s have a look at the 5 uses.

“Groups” LinkedIn API

This help build an interface to LinkedIn groups via your site such that users get to share with other members of a certain profession, and then enjoy conversations related to that specific profession. You’ll also have the opportunity to access the groups and integrate and retrieve discussions. The API also lets you post discussions, comment on the group, like the comments, follow posts, and interact with the group members.

“Companies” LinkedIn API

This is whereby the LinkedIn API lets your users access company profiles as well as share their updates regarding these companies. It helps display detailed overview of a company’s information, which is interlinked with LinkedIn data. The API assists with the search for company profiles in terms of size, location, industry, and more. This enables users to follow a company and even see the recommended companies they can follow. With a great LinkedIn API developer, you can have a Company API for your website’s Showcase pages, which will be under the company profile.

“Jobs” LinkedIn API

This is whereby the API offers both the Jobs Lookup and the Jobs Post such that your users can visit the site as potential job seekers and job postings respectively. All this is done via your LinkedIn’s portal. Basically, this enables your users to access and search for LinkedIn Jobs via the API, and then have their jobs saved.

“People” LinkedIn API

This is whereby the API helps you fetch details of registered users, thus the need to tap into the 200M+ member threshold so that you can enjoy various networking features. It enables your users to leverage 1st degree connections for a personal use within your web application. At the same time, it helps you find and connect with several other LinkedIn members using the search API.

“Social Share” LinkedIn API

This is where you make use of the LinkedIn API with the intentions of integrating content creators such that they get to distribute their contents into LinkedIn’s network update stream. The advantage is that the API allows users to consume insights from their specific professional network. The API tends to offer quality distribution whereby members share content through the following destinations: • Network Updates Stream • Email • Groups • Member Profile Pages • LinkedIn Today

Final Thoughts

Unlike other social networking sites, LinkedIn puts more focus towards business applications whereby people get to post their professions, educational backgrounds, and information to do with business interests. This makes LinkedIn a powerful tool. It is because of this reason that, as a business owner, you need to include LinkedIn API on your website to promote your business such that it targets a certain professional audience. You’ll need LinkedIn developer API experts, and Thought Engineer is a great place to start with.