I have recently upgraded my DSL package to a 2Mbps package from Ogero, the government-operated internet provider. I am only getting 1.6Mbps, so I called Ogero customer service to see what was the issue. Here is how the discussion went.

Me: Hello, I have a 2Mbps internet package, but I’m only getting 1.6Mbps. How can this issue be solved?

Ogero Representative (O.R.): 1.6Mbps?! Wow!!!! You’re lucky…no one gets that speed these days. Some people only get 1.1Mbps on that package…you’re getting an excellent speed.

Me: (Expecting that answer…) Yes, but I was told that I could upgrade up to 4Mbps, so my line should support the full 2Mbps speed, if I am allowed to have up to 4Mbps. Right?

O.R. : (starts ranting…) Oh…you’re lucky to get this speed these days. The internet is slow across the whole country, and I have no clue why. Just stick to what you have trust me, you’re getting an excellent speed.

Me: (Sensing that the employee has started getting angry, and has no clue what he’s doing…): So it is normal to have  a lower speed than actual?

O.R: Yes, yes…everyone gets that. Do not expect a full speed

Me: (Confused but expecting that from a Lebanese company, let alone government-operated): Thank you, have a nice day!


I wonder why Lebanese companies excel when it comes to bad customer service. If a company in the USA wants to intentionally offer a mediocre customer service, they can’t compete with us. Trust me, I’ve had my share of working with US-based companies. Have you ever had such bad customer service experiences?