PHP Power Tools, Too

PHP has so many ways in which you can improve its already successful formula, including tools that take your website to a whole new level. If you are looking to optimize your site further, read below for these innovative tools, and discover even more great options to improve php web application development in our other article here. The different brands of tools provides you with an abundance of options. Without further delay, here is the continued list of the best PHP tools.

Coding/ Composers

What could be better than a tool that helps your coding skills improve? You can have exactly that.  Awesome inclusions in these tools like “coding tips”, highlighting the syntax of multiple languages, and other time saving features, make de-cluttering your coding a breeze. Most of these tools can be used with any PHP framework and can switch automatically between languages.

Testing Tools

Testing that your site works is the fundamental part to PHP web application development, and therefore having the right tool is vital. The tool you choose should be able to help you write web application tests and run automated tests within the browser. Other helpful features should assist in keeping large code uniform and consistent (and so more secure) and of course, also lend a hand in debugging. A good tool for testing would ensure that your code and your site are optimized.


If you ever have an inexhaustible amount of reformatting code lying ahead of you, this is definitely the tool for you! Reformatting your code can be done automatically. You’ll find that these tools can support many languages as well, and really just simplify loads of coding in the most convenient ways.

FAQ Tools

A key element to a good site is a well put together FAQ. When searching for a good FAQ tool make sure that the admin features are really strong and include ways in which to better manage your users (whether they are able to ask and comment, or if it is locked to admin only); organize your categories; and provide advanced search options for the users. Hand in hand with the concise language PHP offers, these tools elevate the web developer’s experience, and many of them make a noticeable (and good!) impression on the user’s side as well. Your code runs more efficiently, your skills improve and your site runs like a well-oiled machine. Now that is where the true power lies.