Project Development Roadmap

Starting a new development project or unable to figure out technical issues with your existing project? Our development roadmap will give you more clarity on where you are, and where you need to be. After completing this roadmap, you will have aligned your technical goals with your business goals, understood the total costs of building your software, and changed your approach so you can have a 10X ROI. Below is a breakdown of each section of the roadmap.

Questions You Will Receive Answers For


How will building this software help me achieve my business goals?


What are the exact features I need to build to help you reach your goals faster?


How should I modify my software in order to achieve a 10XROI in a year?


Are there technical hurdles that prevent me from building specific features?


Should I code this, or should I go for an SaaS?


How much will development cost me?

Step By Step Process

1. Understand Business Goals

The first step before building a product is understanding what you want to achieve, in terms of business goals. Too many entrepreneurs spend so much time and money on a product, only to find out later that this does not help them achieve their business goals. The first step we take is to understand your business goals, so that whatever solution we recommend is aligned with your vision.

2. Align Tech Goals With Business Goals

Once we have understood your business goals, we will work with you in order to understand how we can use technology to achieve those business goals. We will have a discussion on how you imagine technology will help your business grow, while combining this with our own expertise building software for more than 15 years. We will work together in order to understand what aspects of your software you should focus on, based on your budget, market need…

By the end of this section, we would have understood what we want to build, and what building it will help you achieve.

3. Reach 10X ROI Over The Next 3 Years

Why do you want to build this software? What business value will you gain as a result of this. Will you be able to approach investors more confidently? Will you be able to upsell this to your existing client base? When we build software, we only take projects that can give the client a 10X ROI over the next 3 years. Likewise, if we are unable to get you a 10X ROI, we will go back to the drawing board until we have achieved a 10X ROI.

Once we are done with this section, you would have shifted your focus from looking at this project as a business cost, to a business investment. If you build a software for $1,000 and get nothing back, it’s a loss. But if you build a software for $100,000 and get $1M back, it’s a huge win.

4. Technical Considerations

Now that we have justified a 10X ROI, there are some common pitfalls you should be looking at. If you’re building a new software, what programming language should you go for? Should you use a basic but well supported language such as PHP? Should you go for something more powerful but costly to build such as Python? What about hosted solutions such as Shopify and out of the box WordPress installations? In this section, we discuss your options and come up with recommendations based on your unique circumstances.

5. Pricing & Options

No roadmap is complete without a discussion of pricing & potential options. At this point, we will give you a cost breakdown analysis on building this. How much does it cost to bring your own team VS outsourcing this to a development agency? What are the pros/cons of each approach? We will discuss this in this section and provide you with recommendations.

Project Development Roadmap
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