Development Roadmap Assessment Questionnaire

Filling this form will help me understand your business on a deeper level and help me create a roadmap that will truly help your business move forward. I ask you to be as transparent and authentic as possible so I could give you a solution that will help your business grow.

This form consists of 4 pages, and will take 20-30 min to complete. Do not spend more time on this as I only need to understand the big picture at this stage. You could always save and continue later if you need to, but I recommend you complete it in one session.

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  • Your Business Goals

    Before getting technical, I need to understand your business reasons. We might have touched on this before, but I want you to go deeper and think what this project truly means to your business.
  • I'm mainly concerned with the business reasons at this stage. So, from a business perspective, why did you decide to build this?
  • If you're familiar with your competitive landscape, please tell me how this will give you an edge over your competitors. Note that your competitors might not be in the same business line. For example, if you sell cars, your competitors might not just be car sellers, but motorcycles sellers, bicycle dealers and so on... Basically they fulfill the same need in a different way.
  • Is there anything that bothers you right now that will be eliminated after this project is completed? If so, please list it here.