As I was driving back home yesterday on the highway, I saw a billboard advertisement that attracted my attention, but in the wrong way. The ad was for a national sweets franchise, which just displayed the franchise’s logo, and social media icons for Youtube, Faebook and a couple of others I didn’t see. It just said “Follow Us”. Seeing this ad frustrated me. Why? Read on…

You see, here in Lebanon, you pay a few thousand dollars per month to display a billboard ad. It doesn’t make sense to have social media icons on a bulletin board. The call of action is to subscribe to any of the social media platforms, in order to receive updates. However, the missing link is that people on the road are the ones who see this social ad. Who on earth is going to open his phone, go to his favorite social network, search for the business name, and click follow, at the same time while driving? Unless you’re a circus clown, you’re not going to do it.

The solution? Implement an online marketing campaign. Just having paid traffic on sites like Facebook could have done them wonders. Let’s say they paid $3,000 for that ad, it would have made them around 10,000 likes on their Facebook page. Now, do you call that a return over investment or not?

I’m always frustrated to see companies struggling for social media attention in vain. Below is a link to a report I wrote some time ago about how companies are making the most of social media in Lebanon.

Internet Marketing Success Stories in Lebanon

If you have witnessed any good or bad social media marketing stories, I would love to hear from you in the comments below!