How much should I post on social media? Is there something as too much or too little?

I honestly believe that too much is worse than too little. Posting nothing will not get your message out there, but posting a lot will become very noisy, and your messages lose their value. Ask yourself. Would you read all the messages someone posts if they post like 20 messages to your favorite social network every day? Are you more likely to read those messages if that person posts once or twice per day?

Some people might argue that different people would see different messages. While that might be true, the thing most people don’t realize is that social networks tend to give lower importance for people who send out messages a lot. Their messages will not be shown to everyone. For example, Facebook tends to give higher importance to stories being liked or commented on by a few of your friends. You are more likely to see these stories on your newsfeed, because there is a higher chance you might like that story too, if your friends already like it. However, a story which has been viewed a lot and received no comments/likes, is assumed to be irrelevant, so it is not shown to users.

If you post 20 updates per day, do you think each one will individually receive the same attention as posting one or two updates per day? Since they will not, they are more likely to be marked as irrelevant stories, and hence hidden from other people. This applies to Facebook, and other social networks which have similar processes.

My advice: Lesser posts, more value in each post. Focus on quality, not quantity.