Seriously, these three tools have helped me decrease work hours, make more money, and spend more free time. I have used those to increase my productivity at work.

The first tool is called Action Enforcer. You can see it in action on The purpose of this tool it to help you stay focused on what you are doing. In other words you can create tasks at the beginning of the day, then assign timers to each task. The software beeps every few minutes to remind you that you’re working in case you get distracted on Facebook or somewhere else.

There is a free online version you can access at, and there is a paid desktop version as well which is worth every penny. I have personally been using this for six months now and my productivity has sky rocketed as a result. I work less hours and I accomplish much more. This is the first tool you would need to consider.

The second tool is called Zapier. You can see it in action at This is part of a new software trend called “IFTTT” software, “If this, then that.” To give you an example, currently the web is a set of disconnected applications — you have your calendar somewhere, your email account somewhere, and you have your project management tools somewhere else. Let’s say you wanted to have these applications talk to each other.

Currently this is not possible, but Zapier aims to solve this problem by integrating web apps together. It supports over 250 apps and can automate tasks between them. For example, this blog post has been recorded on my phone via audio and uploaded to Dropbox. Then Zapier takes this audio file and automatically posts it to, where it is transcribed and emailed to me. This is a huge time saver and automation service which will greatly help you save much more time to grow your business and gain more clients.

The third tool is called Workrave — you can find it a This is basically a tool which claims to help you avoid repetitive strain injury. The tool prompts you to take a break every few minutes — I have programmed myself for a 3-minute break every 30 minutes. During the break it gives you a set of exercises to work on, for example, it tells you to turn your neck, lift your head and so on.

These exercises are scientifically proven to help you stay fit because when you work a lot of hours in front of your computer you will lose your physical fitness very fast, this tool helps you overcome this problem.

An additional benefit of this software is that taking short breaks is a productivity booster. For example, have you ever been working on a project for a couple hours and felt yourself overwhelmed and tired? Try taking a 10-minute break and then come back, I’m sure you’ll come back at full speed and you’ll be even more productive. However, make sure you don’t get into the habit of skipping breaks. I know I got into that myself, I don’t want that to happen — if you pay attention to it, it shouldn’t be a problem.

That’s it for now. Are there any tools that make your life easier? I would love to hear your comments in the sections below.