In part 1 we discussed a few simple tips to getting started with your WordPress site, and how to more effectively work with your web developer. You have the basics down, but there are still a few more things to consider. Here are some more pointers to getting the most out of looking for WordPress developers for hire and working with your freelancer.

Maybe one of the most overlooked aspects to developing your site is also the most crucial – security. Even if your site is not for your business, even if it is just a personal blog, no one should skimp on security. Make sure that you let your developer know that security is your priority so that he or she is able to write the code with anti – hacking measures in place. Another important aspect to security is to make sure that the plugins used are verified as reputable and safe.

An extra security measure would also be to have a backup. Remember that anything can happen, and in the event of your site being compromised you do want the peace of mind knowing that your data and code has been backed up.

Updates are not just important for purposes of being on-trend, but also for security reasons. Old and outdated plugins and themes are more vulnerable to hacking, viruses and errors than updated versions. Be sure to mention to your developer if you would like them to be responsible for updating themes and plugins as they become available. This helps your site stay relevant and secure at the same time.

There is almost no point to having your WordPress site if no one is visiting it. You want it to be optimized and viewed. Make sure that when skimming through WordPress developers for hire that the freelancer has experience in having a good conversion strategy – directing traffic to your site. Let your developer know who your target market is and what your USP is before they start the task, as this is vital to how the project will be developed. Also be aware that your developer can further optimize your site with SEO unique to what you require – not just what is standard.

Your ease of access and comfortability
Your developer has now done everything you have asked and more. Your website is functional and appeals to your market, it is secure and mobile friendly, and it has the potential for a lot of traffic. Just one thing – you don’t know what you are doing when the developer logs off and you log in.

It’s easy to fall into this trap, so be mindful of this and make sure that you understand what is required of you to run your site effectively. Your developer is hired for his part, but you should also be comfortable with using the app and knowing your site. This is definitely the number one tip to getting the most out of WordPress.

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