Plug in and Connect: A Continuation of the Best Plugins

If you have not already read our previous article on some of the best plugins to customize, please do check it out here. If you already have, that’s great! Let’s continue to have a look at some of the plugins that are best to have for your WordPress site in 2016 my site. The best part of it all is that you can easily have WordPress plugin developments done to have everything customized for you.

Forms and Emails

Once you have members and subscribers to your site, staying connected to them is going to be top priority. Even before you have subscribers you need to consider the new users to your site that will want to contact you or gain membership. It is so often overlooked how important the efficiency of a site’s forms and application processes are. If it is a hassle for a user to contact you or subscribe, they would rather just leave it! Stay in tune with their needs and develop a plugin that optimizes forms, applications, and email subscriptions, and you’ll have more users coming back for more!


Did you know that the more high speed your website is, the more your site is optimized, and so shows higher up on search engine results? That’s right. Using a very powerful WordPress plugin development can, thankfully help speed up your site by giving the user cached and compressed files. Oh, and remember that a fast site isn’t just more optimized for search results but also more optimized for happy users too.


A great plugin to have, since most businesses are geared towards client or customer satisfaction. So let existing users tell you all about their positive experiences with a convenient plugin designed to let users share their testimonials efficiently, while also allowing new users to be able to tap into the quality of your brand with this feature. What better way to promote your website, than by good old- fashioned word of mouth!

Social Media

Social media is your strongest tool for staying connected to your users, so a plugin customized to keep your social media on the trending list is a must have. You can have scheduled posts that help you manage your time while still maintaining your accounts. Social media is the fastest, easiest way to create buzz for your website, and to spread your content all over the internet (and the world) without spending a cent. What could be better?