About Us

Behind our passion are people deeply committed to helping entrepreneurs overcome technical bottlenecks.

Below are some key people on our team, who are among the best at what they do in the world.

Sam Bechara


Widely known for helping transform muddy website setups into blazing fast money making machines, Sam has been working with entrepreneurs for over a decade and has helped over 55 startups take their platform to the next level, while helping them double their revenues.

Once you work with us, Sam will be basically creating the strategy and guiding the team towards making decisions that will help you increase your income, save time and work on the things you enjoy.

Alex Ivan

Devops Manager

If there is someone on this planet who has done it all when it comes to servers, it’s Alex. He can transform your website from being very slow into becoming blazing fast. He will closely examine your website and recommend changes to your server architecture. Even before optimizing any of your code, your website will be noticeably faster, and more importantly, able to handle any number of visitors 24/7.  

Martin Cristiano

User Experience Manager

Even if you had the fastest website, and had millions of visitors per month, it would be meaningless if you didn’t give your users what they needed. That’s where Martin steps in. With years of experience working as a graphic designer and user experience designer, you’re in safe hands. Martin will help you take your website from good to great, and transform your visitors into customers and raving fans. 

Martin Kurgan

Website Stability Expert

Behind that serious look is someone who will seriously stabilize your website. When Michael steps in, you know that bugs and partially working features are long gone. Michael will setup procedures in place that will allow you to quickly detect performance issues, rectify them, and most importantly prevent them from happening in the future.