Going Ape for Apps – how to create your own

Want to share a picture? App. Need to lose some weight? App. About to confess a juicy secret? App! For almost anything you can think of, there is an app out there that brings it to life. But rest assured that there are still plenty of great ideas for new apps, and if you happen to have one of them you would be wondering “Now what?” If only there were an app to help you build your own app… There is! But to get to the serious stuff, here are some guidelines to getting your idea rolling and assist with php application development. Keep these in mind and before you know it you’ll be on the market.


First be sure that you have a solid idea that appeals to an audience. You can have a programmer help with your php application development but they can only do so if you already have a clear idea of what you want. Being vague is only going to delay the process, so have a good plan in place from the beginning. Consider such details as if it will be a desktop app or a mobile app, and what the main function of the app will be. After you have these core basics you can determine what the additional features will be.

Have a developer’s help

Hiring a developer will help you through such processes as deciding what tools you’ll need, like the tools you need when writing a smart phone app versus writing a desktop app, having the code for the app, running the app and testing the app. There are many guides to how to create your app yourself, but they are going to be simple; meaning your app is also just going to be basic and fall to the wayside compared to better apps out there.


This is imperative. Could you market your app on ads? Will you need to run ads on your app? There are many options to choose from but just as your app appeals to your target market so should your form of marketing. Remember there are so many apps available, so it does not hurt a single bit to have some knowledge and assistance from a developer to take you through the process and help you avoid common pitfalls. Your app idea can be as great as sliced bread but without the proper developing tools and knowledge, it remains just an idea.