404 not found: Common Website Errors

When you have a brand or a business in today’s modern times, you can most certainly bet you have a website that is part of marketing it, promoting it and representing it. Having some sort of internet presence is essential to getting your name out there, and ensuring that more people know of you and your product or services. However, having a webpage alone is not enough to guarantee that your brand is being marketed properly. In fact you might very well find that your webpage isn’t being visited, or at the very least, isn’t keeping your visitors coming back for more. Let’s take a look at some of the areas in which many websites fall short, and simple ways in which having a php web developer can help you iron out these hiccups.

No Updates and No Updates Again

If your site has not had any software updates in the last 5 years you open yourself up to a variety of problems such as errors, security issues and very frustrated users. Your php web developer can go through your websites code and software, and can easily bring it up to date to suit the current user and his technology. The other updating problem is that so many companies have their websites and social media platforms but never update their statuses or post! If you aren’t giving the user any updates they’ll see your site as being redundant, and definitely won’t bother checking the site regularly. Make sure that you are updating your content and posting regularly enough to stay in tune with your users.

Not being Responsive (and not being responsive again!)

In website terms, being responsive means having a page that can adapt to the screen type that the user has. Whether your user is on her cell, laptop, or PC, your site should load properly and match the interface correctly. No user says to themselves, “Ah! This site does not load on my mobile – better go sit at my PC.” You can be sure they would rather just forget your site ever existed and find something that responds to their needs. Your developer will assist in coding so that your site is accessible no matter what interface is used. To play on double meanings, not responding to your users in non – technical terms in also a huge no-no. If your users leave comments, drop emails or make suggestions of any kind it is only courteous to let them know that you have received their feedback and show that they are heard and considered. Automated responses do not do the trick either. Remember, just because we are connecting virtually, does not mean the personal touch isn’t imperative. Avoiding these short falls, and having your developer rectifying them is not going to only clean up your webpage but also make it a more user – friendly platform which is key to generating traffic to your site, and ensuring users keep returning to your site. You’ve seen the pitfalls and how to avoid them, now check out our article on tips to being on top with your website!