Discovering Developers (and what makes a great one)

Coding and developing are truly two of the most in demand jobs these days – and that is no surprise since everything has become internet based. Php developing is even more highly rated, and you can see this considering how even large sites like Facebook are php based. If you have the skills and are looking for a php web development company to hire you, you are going to need to set yourself apart. Here’s how to be the best developer you can be.


You’re excited to code and get your project underway and that’s great, but slow down just a little. If you take a few minutes to write down a plan for your code it can make all the difference. It will reaffirm that you understand exactly what the task is, and give you a good idea of what is required. It can also help you encounter any difficulties you may have before you code so that you may iron those out now already (great, hey?). Basically, it’s going to save you a lot of time and hassles when you actually get down to programming.


You can read up on as much information as you like, but coding remains something practical that actually needs to be done. It does not help to just be book smart about coding. You may understand exactly what a manual means, but when you code there are going to always be surprises and errors, and the code is not going to do what you want it to. This is normal! But you’ll only understand how to avoid these things and find solutions to surprise problems by doing the physical work. Remember, developers are problem solvers, not parrots!

Learn PHP basics

Seems obvious, right? But how well do you really understand the language? There could be simple shortcuts that you don’t know of. You may be doing something the long, complicated way ‘round. In essence, you may know what you are doing 200% but just aren’t developing in the most efficient way because you have not learnt the basics that can save you time and effort. And who has time for that really?

Good Etiquette, Good Habits

A serious php web development company is only going to hire quality developers, and it shows in simple ways. Always practise good etiquette such as commenting when you code. If there is an error, or any changes to be made to your code but you aren’t available, you shouldn’t just assume that another developer will automatically know where your thoughts were. This can be very frustrating and waste a lot of precious time. Also practise coding with errors on. It’s a time saver and sometimes a real life saver too. Putting all these tips into good practise will definitely get you on your way to being hired. But the greatest tip is to know your own strengths and use them to set you apart. There are many others vying for the same place that you are, and they are all quality developers, experienced and knowledgeable – but they aren’t you, and that’s your greatest advantage.