Developer Duties

Programmer. Designer. PHP Developer. These terms are so very broad and all – encompassing that there is often a lot of confusion and disagreement on what goes into PHP website development, and what the duties and responsibilities of a developer actually are. To help clear things up here are some of a developers responsibilities one can expect.

The Technicalities

Well, a developer needs to be able to develop a website! He should be comfortable working in a variety of different PHP platforms, including the development tools that will be used. Coding is not always cut and dry, so a good developer should have a keen mind for picking up on any errors that may occur and finding suitable solutions to these. Almost no serious person is okay with having some bare-boned webpage representing their business, so the programmer will have to be able to customize the site and maintain it. The developer will be well involved in the design of the site, and assist with a wide variety of other technically related PHP website development aspects.


Don’t ever get the wrong impression that a developer just writes up a webpage’s code. People build and promote their businesses and brands through webpages, and so most of the decisions made regarding the development of the site will be sound business decisions. A programmer will need to be able to offer input regarding the most cost effective solution, or the fastest way to the desired outcome. As developer you also need to be able to give your opinion on the best tools for marketing, and be on point with the latest trends. They may seem like elements of the job that are unrelated, but in actuality they all tie in really neatly to achieve a quality outcome.


Whether it is the technical side or the business side of the project, communication is of utmost importance. One skill a developer most certainly needs is to be able to write out and present very neat reports. These will communicate important parts of the task’s progress to investors, and clear up any niggles. A Programmer needs the confidence to also disagree with investors if he knows the route they want to take is not viable or safe, and give them the alternatives that could save a project at the end of the day. It does not matter if you are looking to hire, or if you yourself are a developer wondering about the extent of your duties and responsibilities. Once everybody has a good idea of what the project will entail from all ends, contracts can be drawn up and the lines of communication strengthened. This all leads to harmonious professional relationships.