Blog Better

Wondering how to improve your blog? Maybe your blog is doing really well, and you are just looking to give it that extra edge. Even if your site has the best content, is secure and easy to navigate, and is possibly very popular and successful, you are aware that there is still room for improvement. Thankfully, you do not have to redo your entire blog to improve it. With a good WordPress customization service, and by just following these steps that are simple to implement, you can revamp your site in the most noticeable of ways.

Rethink Your About Page

The best way to connect to your users is to make them feel connected to you. Peak their interest, invite them in, and give them that personal touch. The easiest way to do this is by having a really nice, detailed About page. About pages are often underused and underestimated. It does not have to serve only to sell your product, for example, but can also let users know who you are personally. There is nothing like having a real person to connect a brand to, to add that personal touch. Bonus tip: If you have staff that are very involved with your brand, you can add profiles for them too!

Links and Errors

Broken links and unnecessary errors can list as the number 1 most frustrating thing users sometimes have to put up with. When doing routine maintenance, make sure that all your links are working. It’s also a very good practice to have some kind of help or support available for broken links.


Archiving keeps your site organized, and allows users a way to access your past content. It makes perfect sense that if your users enjoy your content they would want more of it, therefore it makes perfect sense to provide access to more of it. Your archived material may even be the way some users discover you, and it is great to have as many possible avenues to garnering new users to your site.

Strong Brand, Strong Site

Have you ever been on some big brand’s website and been completely disappointed? It happens more often than you know. Just because your brand or product is really strong or popular, it doesn’t mean you should skimp on your website. WordPress customization services can help you analyze your site so that you can cut out the weak points and optimize your site’s strengths, so that it is matched to the quality of your brand. And that will speak volumes to your impressed users.