Magic of Maintenance

As with anything else, it is simply not good enough to just do something well once off – you need to keep working to maintain your edge. With your WordPress site there are a few different aspects you need to consider when maintaining it, and they need to all be done carefully and properly, otherwise you’ll have accidental (and potentially disastrous) changes instead of the maintenance! Here are the keys to ensuring you receive a proper WordPress maintenance service.

Themes and Plugins

It’s important to keep your plugins up to date, and also to get rid of any plugins you are no longer using. You should make sure that your plugins remain compatible with the version of WordPress that you are using, and that there is current support available for that plugin. Check this regularly, as new updates can arrive monthly. The same goes for themes. Always ensure that both are still secure as well.

Back Up

Hopefully you will never have to use your sites’ back up, but imagine the pain it would cause to need your back up and you don’t have one. Keep in mind that it’s good practice to have more than one copy of the back up too. You should also have a professional assist you with this crucial element to your WordPress maintenance service.

Keep it Clean

You site gathers data – dust overtime and this can cause it to not run as efficiently as it should or could. This can also cause things to slow down, and that is never ideal in the world of high speed internet needs. Have your developer get your site clean and organized every so often, remembering to back up your site (just in case) before this happens.

Safe and Secure

Have your developer do a security check for you on a monthly basis if possible. They will check for any malware and any errors that you may be experiencing. It does not only keep your site safe but also makes the users’ experience better if they know they are on a secure site without risking viruses, and without the frustration of errors.

Is your site still user friendly?

With all the other elements of maintenance going on, some changes may occur that affect how users interact with your site. So the most important part to maintaining your site is that when all the above is said and done, users can still easily navigate your site, and your site is still responsive and compatible with various browsers. Once you know that it’s all in working order as far as the user is concerned, the rest falls into place.