Stress – Free WordPress Migration

Maybe you are tired with your current provider or perhaps you are experiencing other issues that have brought up the need for you to migrate your site. Either way, this can be intimidating and even confusing to the everyday user. By equipping yourself with a knowledgeable developer who offers a quality WordPress migration service, and by following this easy guide, you can turn a stressful task into a simple task. First and foremost, knowing what your developer will do throughout the process will put your mind at ease. The developer will make sure that your site is backed up and if it is not that will be the first thing he will do. This is the most important step to the whole process. It is not only the smart thing to do in case of the chance that something goes wrong and data is lost or damaged, but is also a requirement of WordPress. The things that he will back up include your themes, plugins, your database and all of your uploads too. This will ensure that the features and design of your site remain intact, as well as all of your content and data. Once this step is completed the real process begins, but be guaranteed that the most important aspect of the migration is now taken care of. Once everything is secured, your data will be exported and a database be created on the new server. A new web address will be created too and naturally you will be completely involved in this part. If you can, keep your new web address as similar to the last one as possible. This will help any older users still find you easily enough. Thereafter your files will be uploaded to new the host. The Developer then sorts out the matter of your URLs and domains. This is basically to ensure that the URLs that were on your old server don’t cause a broken link error. This is important because these things can be more than just frustrating, they can be potential security hazards too. Your WordPress files will be uploaded to your new host. The final touches to the WordPress migration service include reconfiguring your new domain’s settings and when everything is up and running on that side, the developer will delete your files and the database from the old web host. Hopefully the above shows you that with a good developer in hand and some knowledge of the process of migration, you do not have to feel intimidated by the procedure in the slightest, and can know that your WordPress will continue running just as efficiently as ever.