Thinking Themes

Before getting to which themes will most optimize your site and how you can customize them, let’s take a look at what WordPress themes actually are. Simply put, themes are collections of files that assist in altering the display of the site without changing the software that underlies it one single bit. Fantastic, right? Now let’s take a look at how you can greatly improve your site with WordPress theme customization.  Here are some tips that will help you in selecting your WordPress theme, so that you and your developer can optimize it to match your site perfectly. The first tip is choosing a theme that matches your content appropriately. Imagine having a professional site for teachers with an interface that would be more suited to some teen punk rockers for example! But, it isn’t only the look but the functionality of the theme that needs to be considered.  Think about what requirements need to be met, such as readability if written content makes up the bulk of your site. The good thing about having WordPress theme customization done by a professional is that you can avoid traps that are often overlooked. Some themes for example can be difficult to change and leave you stuck with something that isn’t working for you, while others may have too many unnecessary features that just slow down your site and tale away from its efficiency. Professional customization will keep you happy, and your visitors satisfied. You won’t have to worry about getting a perfect site, your only job will be in adding awesome content, and getting yourself on the trending list! Another vital aspect to your theme is its ability to be responsive, and adapt to the screen the user has, whether that is desktop or mobile. Keep in mind that all the best sites are responsive so a user certainly won’t feel any need to waste time with a site that takes ages to not load properly. A good practice would be to have your developer test the site for mobile friendliness and responsiveness. And while on this topic, be sure that your theme is also compatible with a range of different browsers. Lastly, the true benefit to having a developer work on your theme with you is that you are guaranteed support. When using the free themes that WordPress offers, you do not have this perk, and that can leave you floundering if you have made an error working on the theme.