World Wide Quality Web: The key to a Good Website
In a previous article we discussed some of the most common errors which occur on Web Pages. Here we take a look at the key pointers that set the bad from the good with websites.

Good Headlines and Posts
Don’t think that because you are online the golden rules to good writing, headlines and content don’t apply. Whatever you would have done in print media as far as content is concerned you should do on your webpage too. For example, you would not buy a newspaper that always uses headlines that don’t capture. Nor would you subscribe to a magazine that had predictable and mediocre content on offer. Use the keys to quality printed media and you will not go wrong.

Be quick! Be fast!
When last did you wait 5 minutes for a page to load properly? If your answer is never that would be justified. People are not patient, especially when it comes to internet speed. Good php web development services will help you to analyze your website’s speed and determine what could be slowing down your site. Having a site that is quick to load properly is one of users’ top rated requirements.

Lastly remember that this especially applies to your users who are on their mobile phones – if your page does not load quickly and completely on their cells, you’ll be losing a large chunk of your potential users.

Videos and Images
Stay in tune with your audience by getting your php web development services provider to help you integrate video content on to your page. You can bet that the majority of users don’t only want written content but visual content too.  Another dimension to this is to have short videos on your site.

These could be introductions to services on your about page, testimonials, advertorials – whatever is most suited to your brand. And while your site might be optimized to include images, it may not be optimized for video content, so be sure to discuss this with the developer.

Your site has to be easy to navigate whether the user is on a desktop or a mobile site but it is more than that too. The best sites are the ones that avoid what users dislike and this includes unnecessary and constant pop ups, videos that auto play and so steal the user’s data, and forms that are a complete hassle to fill in and submit. Always keep things simple and efficient and make sure that the user’s preferences are catered to.

Lastly, just be gripping. Take true advantage of what sets you apart. Content or features on your site that offer what no one else does is going to get users talking, and you definitely want them spreading the word.